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Content creation has never been easier.

Or more competitive.

We are lucky to have a ridiculous number of tools available, all with the latest AI technology.

I’m trying to review as many as I can to see which one will make my video creations easier and quicker.

None of us want to sacrifice quality since we all want higher watch times and subscribers.

I’ve been using Invideo for the past few weeks and so far, I like it.

They are working on an AI-powered aspect which will exponentially speed along our video creation.

Currently, Invideo.io has customizable templates, visual effects, and audio tracks that can be easily edited to create unique videos.

I’ve wrestled with discovering that perfect tool – one that is as user-friendly as it is laden with professional features.

I really enjoy using Invideo and it has become my go to video editor for making faceless YouTube video’s quickly.

Let’s dive into its features, pricing, pros, and cons.

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Key Takeaways

  • Invideo.io is an excellent tool for making videos. It’s easy to use and has lots of fun features.
  • This tool offers over 10 million free items in its stock library.
  • You can work with your team on the same video project on Invideo.io.
  • While some pros include branded designs and a vast media library, it can take time for beginners to learn this tool.

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Key Features of Invideo.io

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Invideo.io impresses with a rich set of features essential for video creation.

It boasts various templates, each uniquely designed and catering to different content needs.

Invideo offers a variety of features that make it easy to create professional-quality videos.

Some of its key features include:

Visual effects: Invideo provides a variety of visual effects that can be used to enhance the look and feel of your videos.

Audio tracks: They offer a library of audio tracks that can be used to add background music or sound effects to your videos.

Text-to-Video function: it swiftly converts any textual information into videos.

Invideo’s well-stocked media library comes packed with high-quality stock photos, videos, and music variety.

You just enter a blog or script into Invideo and it helps find corresponding media to go with your content.

Collaboration features: This tool makes working with team members or clients on video projects easy.


Invideo.io has many templates.

These help you make videos fast.

You can pick from over 4000 templates for your video projects.

Experts create these templates, and the designs are impressive.

If what you want is not there, don’t worry.  

You can start with a blank canvas and create your design for future use.

Some people use them for making ads or fun social media posts.

Templates are easy to change and edit as per your liking using InVideo’s drag-and-drop editor, so it’s an easy choice if quick video creation is what you aim for.

I do like using the simple template with a small frame around my images. I feel it gives it a more professional feel.


a female surrounded by vibrant colors and shapes

This is one of my favorite features.

Invideo makes using text-to-video easy.

You can turn your ideas into moving words on the screen.

It has cool things, like icons, GIFs, and stickers you can use in your video.

Invideo’s innovative tool makes it quick to make a video with text.

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You only need words; the device will do most of the work for you.

The animations give life to any word or phrase, so take advantage of that part.

This way, making videos is fun and less time-consuming than ever before.

I like that I can enter my own photos and they will automatically add zoom to them so they the still photos become visually interesting.

Stock Media

InVideo stands out with its extensive stock media library.

You can find over 10 million free items to make your videos pop.

These stocked items are images, video clips, and audio pieces.

You can still use these excellent options even if you don’t have a paid plan.

Using them is pretty easy.

You always have the choice of uploading your content.

I like to add my own content so there is a mix of stock and personal images.


Invideo’s editor makes video-making fun.

You can put your touch on any clip.

There are nice tools to change text and images in the video.

You can also add fun icons, stickers, or special effects.

InVideo always has help ready if you run into a problem while using their tool, no matter the hour of day or night.

Creating Videos with Invideo.io

Creating videos with Invideo.io is pretty easy. You can make stunning videos in these steps:

  1. Choose a video template -Invideo has many templates for all kinds of videos.
  2. Add your text – The ‘Text-to-Video’ option turns your words into a great basic video.
  3. Use the stock media – You can use millions of images, video clips, and audio files.
  4. Edit your video – The editor helps you tweak every detail until it’s perfect.
  5. Share your video – After making the video, send it online.

Team Collaboration Capabilities

a diverse group of people collaborating around a desk about invideo

Invideo.io has a great feature for teams.

It lets team members work on video projects together.

This makes it easy to create videos as a group.

You can share your ideas and make changes to the same project.

This video tool also allows you to leave comments with time stamps.

Someone can click on your note to see precisely what part of the video you’re discussing.

Having many people use this at once is fine, too.

There are no limits on how many members can join in.

Big brands, media companies, or publishers will find this very useful.

Everyone stays in touch and works as one unit when developing their video content.

Pricing Options for Invideo. io

woman sitting at a desk surrounded by photo equipment

InVideo offers competitive and affordable pricing plans for content creators.

Each plan consists of different features tailored to meet the diverse needs of users, from beginners to professionals.

Free Plan$0 per month6000+ Video Templates

3M+ Standard Media Library

AI Script Generator

Automated Text to Speech
Business Plan$15 per month (Billed Annually)No Watermark on Videos

60 HD Video Exports /mo

10 iStock Media/mo

1M+ Premium Media

20 Remove Background /mo

7 day money-back guarantee
Unlimited Plan$30 per month (Billed Annually)No Watermark on Videos

Unlimited HD Video Exports /mo

120 iStock Media/mo

1M+ Premium Media

40 Remove Background /mo

7 day money back guarantee

Invideo.io takes care of all its users. The support they give is really good.

You can ask them anything anytime, and they will help you.

There’s also an online guide to help you along the way.

On top of that, Invideo offers an extensive library of how-to videos and step-by-step guides.

This means that even if it’s your first time using this video editing tool, it’s easy to use.

Pros and Cons of Using Invideo.io

woman sitting at desk editing a video on screen

As a content creator, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of any tool you’re considering adding to your arsenal.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of using Invideo.io.


1) Easy to use: Invideo is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

2) Customizable templates: Invideo offers a wide range of customizable templates that can be easily edited.

3) The tool gives you access to a vast library of over 10 million copyright-free images, video clips, and audio.

This can reduce costs associated with purchasing media separately.

4) Good collaboration features: Invideo offers good collaboration features, making working with team members or clients on video projects easy.

5) Affordable pricing: Invideo’s pricing plans offer good value for money.

6) InVideo offers custom-made branded designs at no additional cost, which allows for a personalized touch to your videos.

The custom workflow feature, which can automate video creation, starts at $500 per month, which can be higher for smaller video creators.

7) It seamlessly integrates with CMS and video platforms like YouTube, making video upload and sharing uncomplicated.


1) When using the AI text to Video option, there is a limit to only 50 scenes.

This is quite limiting when trying to make an explainer video to go along with long blog.

2) The AI text to video option does a pretty good job when assigning images to common topic such as dogs.

It struggles with more specific topics. For instance, I have a blog on Carrabelle, Florida.

I entered lines from my blog and one line was about types of fish that can be caught in this area.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the image it chose to go along with the text about fish has nothing to do with fish!

computer screen with image of an F

Although a free plan is available, you must upgrade to a paid plan to export your project.

computer screen with image of a car and invideo editing screen

Limited customization options: Some users have reported that Invideo’s customization options are limited.

Buggy software: Some users have reported that Invideo’s software can sometimes be buggy.

I have noticed that I will get an error that the software is not responding but within 5 seconds, the software responds again.

Despite having a user-friendly interface, beginners in video editing might need time to navigate and utilize advanced editing capabilities fully.

User Reviews

a diverse group of colleagues looking at a mobile device

Here are some reviews of InVideo found on Reddit:

  1. A user who tried InVideo for creating Facebook ads found it difficult to work with and not as efficient as Adobe Premiere Pro. They mentioned that it took them two days to create an ad with InVideo, while they could create two ads in two hours using Premiere Pro.
  2. Another user shared their experience with InVideo, giving it a 4.8 out of 5 rating. They praised the software for its extensive library of templates and assets, as well as its AI script writer and voiceover features. However, they mentioned that it could become a bit clunky when uploading videos.

Alternatives to Invideo

woman on a video call with another colleague

Wondershare Filmora: Filmora is a video editor with a user-friendly interface, offering features like trimming, transitions, effects, and filters, as well as advanced options like motion tracking and keyframing.

Animoto: Animoto is a cloud-based platform for creating video slideshows and presentations using templates, but may have limitations in terms of creative control and transition adjustments.

Camtasia: Camtasia is a video editor that can be used to make presentations or videos. You can insert your own images or use stock images. It provides a well-designed interface, but editing preset effects and animations can be messy.

Wave.video: Wave.video is a reliable and consistent video-making software with a clean, intuitive interface, offering features like live streaming, creating thumbnails, pre-recording, editing, and hosting videos.

To read about more alternatives to Invideo, check out this blog post.

Conclusion: Is Invideo Worth It?

group of people around a table with a computer

Yes, Invideo is worth it. It shines in making videos in a fast and straightforward way.

InVideo offers an impressive range of features beneficial to content creators.

However, some aspects might only be helpful or cost-effective for some.

Always consider your specific needs and budget when choosing a video editing software or tool.

For now, I plan to continue using Invideo since it speeds up my Youtube video creation and I am excited about some Ai updates that are coming out soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses the most common concerns and inquiries about Invideo.io, such as its video editing tools and capabilities, watermark policies, and mobile accessibility.

Is Invideo.io a Good Video Editor?

Yes, Invideo.io is an excellent tool for video editing.

It lets you create stunning videos in minutes.

You can choose from many templates that are ready to use.

Want to make the video your own? No problem!

You can change images, text, and music as needed.

There’s no need to worry if you need materials for your video!

With Invideo.io’s vast library of stock photos, clips, or tunes are at your fingertips.

Advanced options such as text editing and animations are also available for those who like more control over their content creation.

Does InVideo have watermarks?

Yes, InVideo does put watermarks on videos.

But this is only for the free plan.

If you think the watermark needs to be fixed, pick a paid plan instead.

There are no watermarks in the paid plans.

For those who need custom-branded designs, InVideo makes them part of their top plan at no extra cost.

Can I use Invideo on my Phone?

Yes, you can. InVideo has a mobile app.

You can use it on both Android and iOS phones.

The app is called InVideo filmr.

It lets you edit videos from your Phone. You can add effects or voice in the background using this app.

Or pick a template for fast editing. This way, making videos on the go becomes easier with InVideo. 

Are there free offerings from Invideo?

Yes, there’s a free version of this software that could still assist in creating stunning videos for social media platforms like Instagram stories or Facebook community pages.

How much variety does the software offer?

It is not just limited to editing videos; its cloud storage capabilities include a music library for background music, a vast repository of both stock video, photos and footage, and professionally designed templates for different aspect ratios- square or standard format.

Can businesses benefit from using the platform?

Yes. The tool offers unlimited plan options, especially for those who work on collaborative tasks, such as having multiple team members on board working on the same project. That way, businesses can produce more engaging branded videos faster while keeping business plans cost-effective



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